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Your Brain Needs Omega 3 - Quality Omega 3

Posted by admin on 12/1/2015
Fish Oil - Omega 3 - Now the smart choice

Food vs Supplements

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2014 to True Muscle Articles
Have you ever wondered how much of a specific food you need to eat to get the same amount of a specific vitamin? Wonder no more!

Why You Should NEVER Use Store Bought Salad Dressings!

Posted by True Muscle Admin on 9/21/2011 to True Muscle Articles

Why You Should NEVER Use Store Bought Salad Dressings!

Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe to Lose WeightIf you want to truly eat healthy, enhance your fat loss and stay away from some of the really bad additives in processed foods, 1 thing you should get rid of from your diet is typical store-bought salad dressing.

I personally always try to stay away from pre-made salad dressings from the store now days, and here's the reason why:

7 "FATTY" Foods that Can Help You to Get a Flat Stomach

Posted by Administrator on 9/6/2011 to True Muscle 6 Pack Abs

7 "FATTY" Foods that Can Help You to Get a Flat Stomach (some of these will surprise you!)

These 7 shocking Fatty (but healthy) super-foods can actually help you to burn body fat faster! by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist Author of the best-seller -- The Truth about Six Pack Abs

At this point, the anti-fat propaganda has died and almost everybody understands by now that eating fat doesn't necessarily make you fat. In fact, it's absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats in your diet to keep your hormones balanced, blood sugar under control, and prevent cravings.

Here are 7 examples of "fatty" foods that can actually HELP you to get lean...

HumaPro® - How to Use HumaPro® Protein and Why

Posted by Author L. Rea CEO ALR Industries on 8/10/2011 to True Muscle Articles
At ALR Industries we take a great deal of pride in not only being innovative but also in being leaders in dramatically supporting the positive direction your performance and health takes. Being athletes and performance oriented individuals ourselves, we design and formulate to enhance all we do in life, THEN we offer our best to you. Sounds like hype to some I suppose, but I am the CEO, Author L. Rea test subject #1 and my name is on every bottle, box or package as my promise to only offer what I personally believe to be the best possible or suffer the humiliation if not. So we get it right before offering our products and even work to improve those we have already. Why settle for good if greatness is the only option? We certainly are not afraid of controversy and even tend to invite it as a means of getting others out of the 80’s.

Why HumaPro Protein?

Posted by Author L. Rea CEO of ALR Industries on 7/9/2011 to True Muscle HumaPro Protein
HumaPro ProteinObviously protein is an essential part of the human diet. Protein helps your body repair and augment muscle, provides the building blocks needed for new tissue, regulate hormones, control metabolism, defend against illness, and a great deal else. Believe it or not, it isn’t the protein you ingest itself that your body needs. It is the correct amino acids and ratios of them the body has to extract from the whole protein that is needed. (Like the formulary for HumaPro for Humans) Did you know that protein is what makes up your ligaments, tendons, muscles, hair, nails, skin, teeth, tissue, organs, and bones? About half of the non-water mass of your body is made up of protein recreated from amino acids specifically for your body. Since most of the body's proteins are continually broken down, the body needs to manufacture thousands of proteins every day to replace them.

Clearly A Better Choice Commonly Not Taken Before Death

Posted by Administrator on 4/5/2011 to True Muscle HumaPro Articles
"Both my son an I are dying from CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) due to causes not yet known for certain. Our doctors believe it was a combination of high protein intake that produces a lot of negative waste for the kidneys to handle and our levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are at a cyto-toxic level. I would think ANY amount of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury would be considered toxic and too much? So why is it okay to have it in our foods with salmonella and other health threatening ingredients? Approximately 1 out of 10 people in the UK have CKD. 26 million Americans have CKD and millions of others are at increased risk daily. The number is growing yearly and a major concern shows its ugly head as our food supplies are being largely unregulated by the FDA. Did you know that the FDA actually sets a "limit" for how much of each deadly substance can be in our foods? This seems a very cavalier way of accepting the inclusion in foods of substances that are not only deadly but accumulate over time in our bodies thus shortening our lives and good health!"

Chemical Concepts of Bodybuilding

Posted by Administrator on 3/29/2011 to True Muscle Articles

Chemical Concepts of Bodybuilding

By: Author L. Rea

In our society a reality has at last become accepted: Age and sexual gender do not dictate athletic potential. With the main stream acceptance of high quality sports supplementation came stronger fitter bodies of all ages and entire thirty, forty and fifty-something generations pouring into the once undisputed young man's domain…the gym.

The term "sports chemistry" once meant anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS) and seedy images of team doctors closing their office doors to inject some illicit substance into an already enhanced athlete. Oh how things have changed!

I often marvel at the way that mere perception alters the responses one will receive to any given statement of fact… so let's open with a good one:
"Everything good or bad in life and bodybuilding depend upon the chemistry we introduce our bodies to."

Guide to Beach Body Abs

Posted by kyle Harris on 3/9/2011 to True Muscle 6 Pack Abs
The most common goal and desire within the health and fitness industry is the desire to develop a flat, sexy, toned, and well-defined midsection. We’re talking beach body abs folks. Who doesn’t want abs? Whether you’re a competitive athlete, figure or bodybuilding competitor, or just an individual interested in looking and feeling his or her best, the universal sign of conditioning is a well developed and toned midsection.

Back It Up by ALR Athlete Kyle Harris

Posted by True Muscle Admin on 2/22/2011 to True Muscle Articles

Article: Back It Up - Back Training article by ALR Athlete Kyle Harris

“Did you see the guns on that guy?”
“Dang, that dudes chest was huge?”
“WHOA!  You have an eight-pack man!”
“Bro, your delts are like melons!”

Those are all phrases we’ve either heard or said, whether it’s about a pro bodybuilder, friend, or the local freak that hits it in the gym you go to.  I’ve heard and read these phrases ever since I was a young child and saw Lee Haney for the first time.  I think it was on TV when I was at a friend’s house around the time I was in first or second grade.

Is HumaPro Whey Protein? HumaPro Build Muscle Fast!

Posted by True Muscle Admin on 2/7/2011 to True Muscle HumaPro Protein
Author L. Rea CEO of ALR Industries explains in this video how HumaPro is not whey protein and how HumaPro is better utilized by the body to allow you to grow lean muscle faster.

Building a Bigger Quadsweep

Posted by By ALR Industries Athlete The Big Sexy (Lou Uridel) on 2/6/2011 to True Muscle Articles
Article: Building a Bigger Quadsweep

How many times have you seen it in the gym? A guy training legs with heavy weight, seemingly good form week in and week out and his legs just don’t look big. You see guys maybe squatting 405 for sets of 8-10 (the rep range for optimal growth?) Yet, their legs just don’t have that sweep? They don’t have that size?

The Art of War: The Battle Against Homeostasis (Part 1)

Posted by Administrator on 1/29/2011 to True Muscle Articles

by Dave Douglas

So ya wanna be a freak—or even just have a nice degree of muscle and a dialed in six-pack. Well your body and tens of thousands of years of evolution have second thoughts in regard to this pursuit. See the body prefers to stay in its comfort zone and that means it is constantly trying to maintain homeostasis—a set-point that is the area where it is at its most natural balance...

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